A POEM about life.

This poem is a reminder that although all fingers are not equal, no one's life is more important than the other. Whatever class you belong to in life, always remember that the best legacy you can have is touching the lives of others positively.

We are the same

We all have a name

We breathe in air

We all have hair

We can feel 

We can heal

We are all here on rent

But we can also be different

Someone’s worst is another’s best

Someone’s best is another’s normal

Someone’s normal is another’s dream

Someone’s dream is another’s disappointment

Someone’s pass is another’s fail

Someone’s fail is another’s retake

Someone’s retake is another’s fresh start

Someone’s fresh start is another’s last chance

Despite all these

We can help each other feel at ease

Choose to see the good

Help someone elevate their mood

We all have our mission

It’s not a competition

No victor, no vanquished

Copyright © Vwerosuoghene Abioye, 2019

All rights reserved.

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