A POEM about dealing with people trying to be in your business and what they think about you. I'm certain you've got a plethora of questions to ask I understand it is a gossiper's compelling task That horrible mask Behind which you bask Constantly searching for whose life to ransack And looking for others with … Continue reading NO PRESSURE


A POEM about our world as we know it. What a world! Where the bold get accused of coveting gold Where the old are left out in the cold Where you're never told before being sold Where you must hold a particular standard and never fold Where your mould will most certainly, eventually grow mold. … Continue reading WHAT A WORLD!


A POEM about reaching a resolution. If you think you have an opinion And you feel the need for communion Do not speak like you have dominion  No one likes to feel inferior in a union Secretly cutting onions Because you constantly reject their opinions With appropriate permission Let everyone make their submission  After spelling … Continue reading A RESOLUTION OR NOT


A POEM about life. The title of my blog was inspired by this poem. It describes a few of the numerous perceptions of life. Regardless of how life may seem to you at the moment, always know that you possess the power to change your reality. Here's how it seems A flowing stream A realm … Continue reading LIFE


A POEM about life. This poem is a reminder that although all fingers are not equal, no one's life is more important than the other. Whatever class you belong to in life, always remember that the best legacy you can have is touching the lives of others positively. We are the same We all have … Continue reading LIFE


A POEM about life.We tend to define life based on our experiences. I believe that there is a reason why each one of us is here. I hope you find your purpose and be fulfilled. There is no exact definition You view it based on your vision Everyone has got their own mission They don't … Continue reading LIFE