A POEM about life. We view it from the unique perspective of our personal experiences Through the gaping holes in our respective emotional fences Through the perceived vulnerabilities of our own defences Through the several compelling influences of our conferences  Through the unexplainable possibilities caused by our individual sciences Through the assumed premises of indoctrinated … Continue reading LIFE


A POEM about dealing with people trying to be in your business and what they think about you. I'm certain you've got a plethora of questions to ask I understand it is a gossiper's compelling task That horrible mask Behind which you bask Constantly searching for whose life to ransack And looking for others with … Continue reading NO PRESSURE


A POEM about the year 2020 and the festive season It has been a black year of grief A white year of pain A red year of loss It has also been a green year of growth  A blue year of breakthrough  And a yellow year of hope We are all survivors indeed We were … Continue reading SEASON’S GREETINGS


A POEM about doing good and expecting nothing in return I know you're gearing up to give so much goodness But being good is mostly perceived as a weakness Your friends take advantage of your weakness Your foes are angry with you because of your weakness Your goodness exposes their wickedness You put others first … Continue reading THE GOOD YOU GIVE


Literally, to forgive and forget means to stop blaming someone for something the person has done to hurt you and to stop remembering what happened but, do we ever really forget? No, I don't think so. The deed is done. The scar has formed. The memory has already been stored in the brain. You can't … Continue reading APOLOGIES AND THE CONCEPT OF “FORGIVE AND FORGET”


A POEM for my Country- Nigeria It has always been a bitter-sweet relationship with you If I am being honest The bitter supersedes the sweet I was once innocent, emotional and hopeful  But you played me dirty because I was vulnerable I got hurt and I flipped  I became numb and hopeless  I decided to … Continue reading FOR MY OWN GOOD


A POEM about those things that make us feel alive what is life if not the cry of a newborn the sound of your favourite person's car horn the sumptuous taste of sweet caramel popcorn  the immeasurably great potential in being freeborn what is life if not the ultrasound of a wanted fetus the healing … Continue reading WHAT IS LIFE?


A POEM about overcoming negative emotions caused by the actions of other people I know that I am fearfully and wonderfully created But I have never really had my beauty rated. I know my season of redundancy is dated But I am not exactly sure of when my recommendation is slated. All I am sure … Continue reading PLOT TWIST


A POEM about our world as we know it. What a world! Where the bold get accused of coveting gold Where the old are left out in the cold Where you're never told before being sold Where you must hold a particular standard and never fold Where your mould will most certainly, eventually grow mold. … Continue reading WHAT A WORLD!