A POEM about the year 2020 and the festive season

It has been a black year of grief

A white year of pain

A red year of loss

It has also been a green year of growth 

A blue year of breakthrough 

And a yellow year of hope

We are all survivors indeed

We were broke but still helped others in need

We were locked up but still managed to feed

We were lonely but still took heed 

It has all led to the budding of many seeds

We’ll soon have so much to feed

And more to harvest than we need

May this season usher in good tidings

May this season usher in perfect timings

May this season usher in big signings 

May this season usher in higher ratings

May this season usher in silver linings

May this season usher in tremendous blessings

Season’s greetings!

Copyright © Vwerosuoghene Abioye, 2020

All rights reserved.


A POEM about doing good and not expecting anything in return

I know you’re gearing up to give so much goodness

But being good is mostly perceived as a weakness

Your friends take advantage of your weakness

Your foes are angry with you because of your weakness

Your goodness exposes their wickedness

You put others first and yourself last

Others put themselves first and place you last

You endure inconvenience, not minding how long it will last

Even while you have on a cast, you still make moves to ensure that your friends do not come last

Still wonder why good folks never last?

If you’re hell-bent on always doing that which is right and good

Then you’ve got to brace yourself for some things that are not so good

Like being constantly disappointed by those to whom you’ve been good

And series of attacks from those who see no good in doing good

You’ve got to know that they owe you nothing for doing them good

And that they constantly envy your capability to do good

Their indifference to your needs should not surprise you

They are built different from you

Acknowledging that, will help you

Although they keep hurting you,

Keep fighting for the good in you

And maybe someday they’ll learn to do good through you

And if not, in the end you face the one who created you

Knowing you stayed true to what was demanded of you.

Copyright © Vwerosuoghene Abioye, 2020

All rights reserved.


Literally, to forgive and forget means to stop blaming someone for something the person has done to hurt you and to stop remembering what happened but, do we ever really forget? No, I don’t think so. The deed is done. The scar has formed. The memory has already been stored in the brain. You can’t just erase all that. I think that to forgive and forget means having to suppress and dismiss any urge to retaliate based on the misdeed of an individual towards you. It also means accepting to carry the burden of pain caused by what such a person has done to you alone, without blaming the person anymore, whether they feel guilty or not. It is a really difficult decision to make and one of the most noble things anyone can do.

An apology on the other hand, is just like someone considerably unburdening themselves of the guilt they feel about something they did to hurt you. By apologising, they can get the burden off themselves and leave you no choice but to bear it alone. Initially, you both shared the burden. You had the burden of pain as the victim and the other person had the burden of guilt as the perpetrator. A perpetrator has to feel guilt before thinking of tendering an apology. Apologising means that they recognise that they have hurt you and feel guilty about whatever they did to you.

Let’s not ignore the fact that not all apologies are genuine and most are made because the other party is obligated by religion or societal norms to forgive and forget. Some people even intentionally hurt you because they already know how it would play out in the end. In the rule book, the perpetrator apologises to the victim and the victim is obligated to forgive the perpetrator simply because they have apologised. I still do not understand the logic behind that, except for the sake of inner peace and world peace.

Honestly, there is nothing fair about apologising to the victim. The only fair play is that we have all been on either side at one point or another in our lives. Even God knew we could not forget totally. He created us as intelligent beings. That is why there is a passage in the Bible that says that we should allow Him to take vengeance on our behalf. Forgiveness is a calling, not an obligation. We have to choose to forgive and not feel obligated or forced to do so.

The next time you’re about to tell someone to forgive and forget, think about these: Will you be there to work the person through their pain? If you were in their shoes, will it be fair to you? I am not against forgiveness but I’ll say that we should learn to give people time to get over whatever we have done to hurt them and not just expect them to move on immediately we apologise. Also, if someone hurt you, strive towards forgiving them for the sake of your inner peace because you are really the one suffering, not them. You unconsciously give them power over you when you keep holding a grudge against them.

Let us learn to be empathetic towards those who are hurt and bold enough to reveal their pain to us. Some scars fade in months, some take years while others never fade away. Everyone is different and we all deal with life differently, more so, most of us never get to have the same experiences. The pain of reliving unpleasant memories is hard enough. Do not make people go through the pain of loneliness and rejection simply because it’s taking them so long to let go. We all have a responsibility to protect those we care about, not only physically but emotionally as well.


A POEM for my Country- Nigeria

It has always been a bitter-sweet relationship with you

If I am being honest

The bitter supersedes the sweet

I was once innocent, emotional and hopeful 

But you played me dirty because I was vulnerable

I got hurt and I flipped 

I became numb and hopeless 

I decided to focus only on myself and family

And to never consider you in my decisions 

Because I felt cheated by you

Then I discovered that I could not do without you

You are me and I am you

We are entwined

You make up my blood and genes 

And I simply cannot exist without you

Even when I try so hard to deny you

Then I thought,

If I want to be better

I have to help you be better too

Neither of us can do it alone

We rub off on each other

And because I am desperate to become a better version of me

I must help you be better.

Although I am no more the naive one I used to be,

For our mutual good,

I choose to have a change of heart.

For you, I will be that bride 

Who refuses to leave her abusive husband

Because she strongly hopes and believes that someday 

Her resilience and wit will eventually pay off

And she can finally have that great family she always dreams of.

If my sacrifice alone does not suffice,

I believe there are others,

More than a few,

Who will stand with me 

To make a sacrifice big enough 

For your redemption.

Oh yes, I am referring to you NIGERIA!

I will do that for you

For my own good.

Copyright © Vwerosuoghene Abioye, 2020

All rights reserved.


My environment was hostile 

I became volatile

All my efforts to stay positive were futile

I knew I had to somehow, find a way to flip the tile

And that if I don’t take the appropriate step now, being somewhat juvenile,  

I’ll never stop paying till regret renders me senile.

I had to be versatile

I had to start working towards ideas that were fertile,

The type that will imprint my name among the elite percentile. 

When they realised I was about to pull off a feat,

They made my decision seem counterfeit

They tried to make me realise all I was about to forfeit

But I saw beyond their deceit 

I made my own conceit

I determined to stand firm and fit

And I swore to myself that they’ll meet me on my feet

When next we meet.

I realised that to keep up in a world where it’s every man for himself,

You’ve got to start showing up for yourself.

Then, I started showing up for myself

And in what seemed to be a twinkle of an eye,

Everything around me started to answer aye.

That got me really high,

Not the drunken high,

But the I’m-going-forth-to-conquer-the-world high.

My determination to resolve my plight

Has led me to seeing the light

Although the light of the day I currently see slightly resembles that of a twilight,

I’m positive my journey won’t end up in flight

Because I’ll never stop the fight

In order to experience the fulfillment of replaying the highlights

When it all comes to limelight.

Copyright © Vwerosuoghene Abioye, 2020

All rights reserved.


It’s the beginning of a decade

One we aren’t yet aware of its facade

One we’re still behind its barricade

Though we have a glimpse of its arcade

We still can’t tell how it’ll cascade

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It’s the beginning of the year

Time to reflect on who we were

Throughout the course of last year

Time to design the masks we’ll wear

Throughout the course of this year

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Poem: Beginning of the Year