A POEM about overcoming negative emotions caused by the actions of other people I know that I am fearfully and wonderfully created But I have never really had my beauty rated. I know my season of redundancy is dated But I am not exactly sure of when my recommendation is slated. All I am sure … Continue reading PLOT TWIST


This POEM is for every couple out there. May the odds forever be in your favour. You got hitched like yesterday You can't believe yourselves today What do you say It's a new day These things they say There's no screenplay You have to pray You kneel to pray On this journey underway On this … Continue reading THE COUPLE’S PRAYER


A POEM about life. This poem is a reminder that although all fingers are not equal, no one's life is more important than the other. Whatever class you belong to in life, always remember that the best legacy you can have is touching the lives of others positively. We are the same We all have … Continue reading LIFE


A POEM about life.We tend to define life based on our experiences. I believe that there is a reason why each one of us is here. I hope you find your purpose and be fulfilled. There is no exact definition You view it based on your vision Everyone has got their own mission They don't … Continue reading LIFE