Work through your Emotions: You need to allow yourself to feel. There is absolutely nothing wrong with crying yourself to sleep or having some alone time to be emotional. You actually end up feeling better and it sometimes comes with getting closure. Bottling up your emotions will only make you feel worse. It might seem … Continue reading 8 THINGS TO DO WHEN LIFE THROWS STONES AT YOU


A POEM about life. The title of my blog was inspired by this poem. It describes a few of the numerous perceptions of life. Regardless of how life may seem to you at the moment, always know that you possess the power to change your reality. Here's how it seems A flowing stream A realm … Continue reading LIFE


A POEM about life. This poem is a reminder that although all fingers are not equal, no one's life is more important than the other. Whatever class you belong to in life, always remember that the best legacy you can have is touching the lives of others positively. We are the same We all have … Continue reading LIFE

10 Tips for Winning at Life

Keep your Private Life Private: The importance of this tip cannot be overemphasized. Not saying you shouldn't post pictures on your social media or write motivational stories about yourself to encourage and uplift people, all I'm saying is that you keep private stuff like your love life/marriage, your next business plan to yourself and your … Continue reading 10 Tips for Winning at Life