1. Work through your Emotions: You need to allow yourself to feel. There is absolutely nothing wrong with crying yourself to sleep or having some alone time to be emotional. You actually end up feeling better and it sometimes comes with getting closure. Bottling up your emotions will only make you feel worse. It might seem like you’ve escaped the emotional outburst but you are only setting yourself up for an emotional disaster later, because your mind would still somehow lead you back to that which you’re avoiding.
  2. Listen to Music: Music has been proven to be therapeutic. Even though listening to songs that relate to an event or predicament allow you relive the moment, it eventually calms you. Find a song you can relate to and put it on repeat if that makes you feel better.
  3. Talk to Someone You Trust: Make sure the person is a good listener and someone who will not judge you. There are some people you talk to and even if they don’t give you any advice, you leave them feeling much better than before you talked to them. Those are the kind of people that can help you heal.
  4. Breathe: Try the deep breathing and meditation techniques of stress relief. They can work magic. I’ve tried these several times and they absolutely worked for me.
  5. Be Hopeful: If you make a projection of your life within the span of a year from now, you’ll discover that what you are feeling at the moment would not really matter then. Why waste your energy on draining yourself psychologically when you can choose to move on and feel good about yourself.
  6. Figure out your Mistakes: Try to be objective and sincere with yourself, then ask yourself questions like “What happened?”, “Where did I go wrong?”, “What did I do wrong?”, “What could I have done differently?”, “What can I do to make it right?”. Once you are able to answer these questions correctly, then you will be able to retrace your steps.
  7. Try Again: You should never stop trying. Never give up. When you get let down or disappointed in one thing, then you pick yourself up and try the same thing again. You could also choose to try something else if you’ve discovered you are not so good at that particular thing or you are more interested in something else. Your success lies in your interest. Don’t be afraid to start over.
  8. See a Therapist: If none of the above works for you, see a professional therapist as soon as possible. I’ve read a lot of people’s testimonies about how this helped them get through a particular turbulent situation or life in general. Don’t be too embarrassed to see a therapist. It doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong with you. A lot of people you look up to do that as well. Stop caring about what everyone thinks of you and take good care of yourself. Do whatever it takes to get better. Remember, you’ve got your own life to live.


Here’s how it seems

A flowing stream

A realm of dream

A cloud of steam

A line of seam

A long strong beam

Sweet and sour cream

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Poem: How life seems

10 Tips for Winning at Life

  1. Keep your Private Life Private: The importance of this tip cannot be overemphasized. Not saying you shouldn’t post pictures on your social media or write motivational stories about yourself to encourage and uplift people, all I’m saying is that you keep private stuff like your love life/marriage, your next business plan to yourself and your close relatives/friends. There are actually selected people you can talk to about those things, either to get their opinion or to help finetune your ideas but don’t let it all out till you are ready to implement. Not everyone loves you. Not everyone you think loves you loves you. Not everyone thinks you deserve a better life. The pros of keeping your private life from the public eye totally outweigh the cons (if there’s even any).
  2. Do Research: Yes, we are in the information age, and a lot of people think information just automatically pops up in your face. That’s true, but guess what? The truly important information don’t just pop up in your face, you have to deliberately search for them. I’m talking of those information that would actually transform your life long term or those critical information pertaining to any field of endeavour. You have to actually carry out research to reach those kinds of information and you’ll be surprised how much you can learn or unlearn.
  3. Have a Best Friend: You need a best friend; someone you can share your hopes and dreams with without having them hate on you or be negative. You’ll need a shoulder to lean on when life throws those stones at you. Trust me, you need someone who believes in you. Your best friend could always be that. Just make sure you have the right person.
  4. Surround Yourself with Positivity: From positive thinking to keeping positive people around you, always surround yourself with an aura of positivity. A sound mental state is a very important part of achieving greatness in life.
  5. Enjoy the Little Things: Don’t be so hard on yourself. Allow yourself to indulge often. Be grateful for your life and celebrate small wins. By doing so, you’ll be motivated to achieve more.
  6. Believe in Yourself: YOU should be your own number one fan. Practice self love and believe that you can be anything you set your mind to be. Never underrate the power of a positive and determined mind. Remember, you attract what you believe.
  7. Invest: You should be happy with where you are in your journey but never satisfied. Be proactive. Always think of what to do to make your life better. Invest your time and resources productively. It could be investing in a new business, academics, a relationship or project. Just make sure you invest wisely.
  8. Read Great Books: Reading helps to broaden your horizon and open up your mind. You get to see life through the eyes and minds of great and intelligent people and this in turn enhances your world view and influences how you handle the various issues of life.
  9. Always have a Plan B: Unfortunately, not all business ideas/plans flourish, not all projects get to be completed and not all intentions are Well executed. Those are some of the blows life deals once in a while but never give up. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Have a backup income stream(s), have a backup business plan, or a backup project proposal. No idea is useless. You never know which one would work for you. Keep hope alive and you’ll eventually prevail.
  10. Start Planning your Retirement Now: A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that the best time to plan for their retirement is in their 40s or 50s. You should start planning your retirement the moment you become financially independent. That could be in your 20s or 30s, as the case may be. It is never too early to start planning for your retirement. A lot of things would come up in the course of your life that would require you to utilize your resources but if you already have a plan in place for your retirement, it would be easy to stick to it. Make hay while the sun shines.