A POEM about becoming aware of the toxicity of your environment, dealing with the situation and your determination to get yourself out of it against all odds.

My environment was hostile 

I became volatile

All my efforts to stay positive were futile

I knew I had to somehow, find a way to flip the tile

And that if I don’t take the appropriate step now, being somewhat juvenile,  

I’ll never stop paying till regret renders me senile.

I had to be versatile

I had to start working towards ideas that were fertile,

The type that will imprint my name among the elite percentile. 

When they realised I was about to pull off a feat,

They made my decision seem counterfeit

They tried to make me realise all I was about to forfeit

But I saw beyond their deceit 

I made my own conceit

I determined to stand firm and fit

And I swore to myself that they’ll meet me on my feet

When next we meet.

I realised that to keep up in a world where it’s every man for himself,

You’ve got to start showing up for yourself.

Then, I started showing up for myself

And in what seemed to be a twinkle of an eye,

Everything around me started to answer aye.

That got me really high,

Not the drunken high,

But the I’m-going-forth-to-conquer-the-world high.

My determination to resolve my plight

Has led me to seeing the light

Although the light of the day I currently see slightly resembles that of a twilight,

I’m positive my journey won’t end up in flight

Because I’ll never stop the fight

In order to experience the fulfillment of replaying the highlights

When it all comes to limelight.

Copyright © Vwerosuoghene Abioye, 2020

All rights reserved.

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