A POEM. If you are currently going through tough times, remember that times and seasons change. Let this give you hope. 

Wondering why your goals are never in alignment 

And you never complete any assignment

You feel like you lack the discernment

To discover your endowment

You try to make amendment 

But there just seems to be no sign of adjustment 

Right now, you’re not fine

Although you pretend to be fine

Always rewinding to when you were nine

And the future you predicted while standing under that pine

But now you feel like a struggling vine

Stretching to attach itself to a pine 

Your sun will soon shine

Your season is next in line

But you have to stay in line 

And keep digging the mine 

Till you can wine and dine

With those who shine

It will happen for you soon

A magnitude such as will make you swoon

You are the star among the cast

You are a dynamite about to go boom!

And zooming into your past 

Might just spell your doom.

Copyright © Vwerosuoghene Abioye, 2021

All rights reserved.


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