A POEM about doing good and expecting nothing in return

I know you’re gearing up to give so much goodness

But being good is mostly perceived as a weakness

Your friends take advantage of your weakness

Your foes are angry with you because of your weakness

Your goodness exposes their wickedness

You put others first and yourself last

Others put themselves first and place you last

You endure inconvenience, not minding how long it will last

Even while you have on a cast, you still make moves to ensure that your friends do not come last

Still wonder why good folks never last?

If you’re hell-bent on always doing that which is right and good

Then you’ve got to brace yourself for some things that are not so good

Like being constantly disappointed by those to whom you’ve been good

And series of attacks from those who see no good in doing good

You’ve got to know that they owe you nothing for doing them good

And that they constantly envy your capability to do good

Their indifference to your needs should not surprise you

They are built different from you

Acknowledging that, will help you

Although they keep hurting you,

Keep fighting for the good in you

And maybe someday they’ll learn to do good through you

And if not, in the end you face the one who created you

Knowing you stayed true to what was demanded of you.

Copyright © Vwerosuoghene Abioye, 2020

All rights reserved.

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