We cannot deny the fact that life is filled with ups and downs but there are so many events in life that can make one feel genuinely happy and here are some of them:

  1. Being in bed with a full stomach, sleepy eyes, an empty bladder, cool weather and a duvet: I know this sounds like a whole combination of possibilities, but nothing beats this feeling when it all comes together. You just feel like you have the best life with no worries at all and a sound sleep usually comes right after.
  2. Winning a medal you’ve always looked forward to: Especially one you’ve been working so hard for or that you’ve made several previous attempts to get, all to no avail. The feeling you get in this moment just encapsulates all your efforts and fears and you might just cry. Tears of joy, of course.
  3. Relaxing under a tree while reading an interesting book: The freshly released oxygen you breathe in, the sound of the gentle breeze as it brushes the leaves, the scent of the leaves, what’s not to love? Besides, the therapeutic effects of relaxation and brain stimulation cannot be overemphasised.
  4. Having your loved one back home after a long trip: You missed this person the whole time they were gone and all you want to do now is fill in the lost time between you two. Need I say more?
  5. Achieving a goal you’ve worked all your life for: This I think, is the highest level of fulfilment in the life of an individual.
  6. Winning a court case: Especially when you couldn’t afford the best council to represent you or when the case has been on for a long time, winning feels like you hit the jackpot, more so when it comes with a settlement that totally favours you.
  7. Getting complimented by someone you thought never noticed you: This usually comes as a shock. The compliment could be on your appearance or your work especially when you’ve been feeling like you aren’t doing enough. It could also turn out to be a source of motivation and encouragement for you because a compliment from someone like that, more so someone you look up to, will mean so much to you.
  8. Being with someone who totally understands you: The feeling that comes with being able to effectively communicate with someone without words and not having to explain every step you take is precious. Most people don’t get that. It’s just this special bond between you and a particular person that cannot be explained. If you have such a person around, cherish them and never take them for granted.
  9. Winning a competition: Humans are generally competitive in nature. Therefore, the triumphant feeling that comes with winning a competition is an evidence of being whole as a human being.
  10. Having all your debts paid off/ written off: Whether you achieve this through rigorous planning and prudent spending or by sheer luck, it comes with the same feeling of absolute relief. The feeling of “I owe no man”.
  11. Having no dirty laundry: This makes you feel like the neatest person on earth or maybe the purest soul in the world. Well, until you realise that the clothes you currently have on are already dirty laundry.
  12. Having no chores to do on a weekend: This is unbelievable. Most people have a list of chores to do or errands to run on weekends but in the event of none, you get to feel like royalty the whole weekend.
  13. Looking into the eyes of your newborn: I think this is the purest form of love. This little human just came out of you and you just can’t believe it. The feeling is indescribable.
  14. Getting paid after being broke for a while: Have you noticed that you get to have more needs to attend to when you’re broke? This usually leads to panic and sometimes aggression, for people who do not have the capacity to handle stress. When you get paid after being in such situation for a while, you can finally relieve yourself of the pressure and anxiety.
  15. Breakfast in bed with the love of your life and nothing to do all day: There’s nothing more satisfying than getting to spend some time quality time with someone you deeply care about.
  16. Eating your favourite food: If just eating food makes you happy, then you know how you feel when having your favourite meal.
  17. Finally owning a house: Whether you achieved this by saving up to purchase out rightly or paying off your mortgage, the thought of never having save up for rent can be a huge relief.
  18. Landing your dream job: A lot of people never get this opportunity in life. The feeling that comes with landing your dream job is that of fulfilment.
  19. Getting promoted: The overwhelming joy you feel when you get elevated from your previous position before realising the additional responsibilities and expectations attached to promotion.
  20. Being able to help someone who had nobody: Besides getting to be someone’s hero, you get to experience the most rewarding feeling ever.

I hope you had a good read. If there is any more you can think of, let me know in the comment section.


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