what is life if not the cry of a newborn the sound of your favourite person's car horn the sumptuous taste of sweet caramel popcorn  the immeasurably great potential in being freeborn what is life if not the ultrasound of a wanted fetus the healing properties of the eucalyptus  an increase in social status  being … Continue reading POEM: WHAT IS LIFE?


I know that I am fearfully and wonderfully created But I have never really had my beauty rated. I know my season of redundancy is dated But I am not exactly sure of when my recommendation is slated. All I am sure of is that, the future, the one for which I am fated, Will … Continue reading POEM: PLOT TWIST


My environment was hostile  I became volatile All my efforts to stay positive were futile I knew I had to somehow, find a way to flip the tile And that if I don't take the appropriate step now, being somewhat juvenile,   I'll never stop paying till regret renders me senile. I had to be versatile … Continue reading POEM: A STEP FORWARD