A POEM about those things that make us feel alive

what is life

if not the cry of a newborn

the sound of your favourite person’s car horn

the sumptuous taste of sweet caramel popcorn 

the immeasurably great potential in being freeborn

what is life

if not the ultrasound of a wanted fetus

the healing properties of the eucalyptus 

an increase in social status 

being the sole owner of a most sort after apparatus 

completing your first self-owned business prospectus 

what is life 

if not making your first million 

earning the first-position pedestal on the pavilion 

being worth over a billion 

commanding a battalion 

single-handedly stopping a protest from expanding into a full-blown rebellion 

winning your first medallion 

these and so much more is life

Copyright © Vwerosuoghene Abioye, 2020

All rights reserved.

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