A POEM about dealing with people trying to be in your business and what they think about you. I'm certain you've got a plethora of questions to ask I understand it is a gossiper's compelling task That horrible mask Behind which you bask Constantly searching for whose life to ransack And looking for others with … Continue reading NO PRESSURE


A POEM about corrupt leaders. When they read their manifesto It always sounds like presto Suddenly they lose the tempo We get the expo Everyday we hear the same thing But we never see a damn thing They say they'll manage the situation We say enough of carnage continuation They say there is no gain … Continue reading CORRUPT LEADERS (PART 2)


A POEM about corrupt leaders. They want to be the pillars While hiding in their cellars Amassing wealth in dollars Under the guise of white collars Acquiring mansions in diaspora With views of the panorama There's a problem with the system It's in tandem with the ones esteem They're never affected by the mayhem They'd … Continue reading CORRUPT LEADERS (PART 1)