This POEM is for everyone who has contributed positively to making me who I am.

Today, I remember 

Those who pacified me when I was enraged

Those who persuaded me when I was encumbered 

Those who permitted me when I was engrossed

Those who prevented me from being enticed 

Those who presented my case when I was enslaved

Today, I remember

Those who moulded me

Those who empowered me

Those who supported me

Those who listened to me

Those who believed in me

Those who prayed for me

Today, I remember

Those who protected me when I was defenceless 

Those who pampered me when I was restless

Those who helped me when I was in distress

Those who encouraged me in times of weakness

Those who stood by me regardless

Copyright © Vwerosuoghene Abioye, 2019

All rights reserved.

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