A POEM about patience and learning from experience.

Be patient. In time, you'll gain knowledge.

In time, you’ll know 

The outcome of the seeds you sow

The harvest of the lands you plow

The fruit of the trees you grow

In time, you’ll know

The essence of the snow blow

The reason why the stars glow

And why the river flow is slow

In time, you’ll understand 

Why strangers rule the land

Why kinsmen misunderstand 

The values of their fatherland

In time, you’ll understand 

Why issues get buried in sand

Why the reward is grand

For those who lend a helping hand

In time, you’ll learn

How to unlearn

And how tough it is to earn

That which you desperately yearn

In time, you’ll learn 

Why you should yearn

For the kind of respect you earn

And how to relearn

All that you mislearn

Copyright © Vwerosuoghene Abioye, 2019

All rights reserved.

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