LIFE 015

A POEM about life

We view it from the unique perspective of our personal experiences

Through the gaping holes in our respective emotional fences

Through the perceived vulnerabilities of our own defences

Through the several compelling influences of our conferences 

Through the unexplainable possibilities caused by our individual sciences

Through the assumed premises of indoctrinated societal inferences.

We often ponder on the reason for our existence 

Constantly seeking answers that will justify our essence 

Never sure of reaching the utmost heights of our competence

But still managing to pretend that we are not bothered by the uncertainty of losing our dainty planet

And the certainty that a sovereign deity created our planet.

If only we could view at a glance the entire timeline from past to future

Maybe we might have made better informative decisions in order to create a better future 

Maybe we might have abused the information we had and destroyed our world as we know it

Or maybe we might have been so terrified that we do nothing and still have our world as we know it

The variables will always be endless but our choices are absolute.

Copyright © Vwerosuoghene Abioye, 2021

All rights reserved.


A POEM about dealing with people trying to be in your business and what they think about you

I’m certain you’ve got a plethora of questions to ask

I understand it is a gossiper’s compelling task

That horrible mask

Behind which you bask

Constantly searching for whose life to ransack

And looking for others with which to multitask.

I live in this tent

It’s my spirit who pays the rent

And my body owes no one the knowledge of how much it’s lent.

It’s a priceless skill I have learnt

Perceiving what the inquiry originally meant

And putting the inquirer off my scent

By giving an answer that gets my own message sent

Without projecting a character dent.

I never worry about others thinking that I’m not doing great

I’m only cautious about pretending to be doing great

Nevertheless, no one deserves to see my spirit bare

Except the One who purposed to create me without a dare

The only One who understands and feels all my pain

The only One who knows that I am not here in vain.

Copyright © Vwerosuoghene Abioye, 2021

All rights reserved.