A POEM for my Country- Nigeria

It has always been a bitter-sweet relationship with you

If I am being honest

The bitter supersedes the sweet

I was once innocent, emotional and hopeful 

But you played me dirty because I was vulnerable

I got hurt and I flipped 

I became numb and hopeless 

I decided to focus only on myself and family

And to never consider you in my decisions 

Because I felt cheated by you

Then I discovered that I could not do without you

You are me and I am you

We are entwined

You make up my blood and genes 

And I simply cannot exist without you

Even when I try so hard to deny you

Then I thought,

If I want to be better

I have to help you be better too

Neither of us can do it alone

We rub off on each other

And because I am desperate to become a better version of me

I must help you be better.

Although I am no more the naive one I used to be,

For our mutual good,

I choose to have a change of heart.

For you, I will be that bride 

Who refuses to leave her abusive husband

Because she strongly hopes and believes that someday 

Her resilience and wit will eventually pay off

And she can finally have that great family she always dreams of.

If my sacrifice alone does not suffice,

I believe there are others,

More than a few,

Who will stand with me 

To make a sacrifice big enough 

For your redemption.

Oh yes, I am referring to you NIGERIA!

I will do that for you

For my own good.

Copyright © Vwerosuoghene Abioye, 2020

All rights reserved.

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