A POEM about overcoming negative emotions caused by the actions of other people

I know that I am fearfully and wonderfully created

But I have never really had my beauty rated.

I know my season of redundancy is dated

But I am not exactly sure of when my recommendation is slated.

All I am sure of is that, the future, the one for which I am fated,

Will definitely get me elated. 

I resigned to being an underdog

Because my enthusiasm was usually pushed under the rug.

I decided not to tug

And kept my emotions on plug.

Then, I went back to the trenches I dug

And pretended to be sipping coffee from my mug

So that I could avoid being offered a fake hug.

For my withdrawal, I had my reasons.

I had to learn a lot of lessons

By observing all their manipulation seasons.

I knew I could only succeed at that by offering myself as a sacrifice 

So that I could watch right from the inside of their edifice.

Hence, I made the sacrifice.

It took years to get what I needed.

After it all ended,

I had perfected the art of keeping my emotions coded

And had a plethora of skills and virtues added.

Although, they thought they left me jaded

Because I acted as though I was gutted,

So that they don’t get my motive outwitted.

Now, I have a hopeful new song

Different from that of hopelessness I had earlier sung,

That had me drunk

With all the tears in my trunk.

I have a dream

That one day, my fate will become everyone’s dream.

Copyright © Vwerosuoghene Abioye, 2020

All rights reserved.

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