The problem is not your problem

Your problem is that you know the problem

And the solution to the problem

Yet you do nothing about the problem

Rather, you make the problem your emblem

And blame all your woes on the problem

[Click on the title to view poem]Poem: Solve Your Problem

20 thoughts on “POEM: SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM

  1. When we become a problem with a personality
    rather than a person with a problemality,
    we distance ourselves from any solution
    and cannot hold out hope for any resolution.
    As you say we must raise ourselves above it
    before we can ever be again to defeat it.

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    1. Whoops! “be again” should be “begin” in the post above. I am a quadriplegic; I use voice recognition software to do my typing, and it occasionally slips in a “sounds like” on me.


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